Battlestar Cackalactica!

by Swordmasters Of Ginaz

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released August 24, 2011

recorded by Kris Hilbert @ Solo Sound Studios in Greensboro, NC. mixed by Kris Hilbert & Greg Giorgio @ Tarquin Studios in Bridgeport, CT.



all rights reserved


Swordmasters Of Ginaz Carrboro, North Carolina

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Track Name: Bombarding The Regolith
stagnating species only regress
until the fire for freedom burn in our breast
(ignites in our chest)

hell bent on surviving on others for life
as conquering systems you claim your birthright

paving all pastures that reach to the sky
plunders your right and our right to die

the songs of the sietches sing to the end
of all Beast Rabbans and watersalesmen

(our) people in poverty means wealth for the few
our storm is coming, we come for you

those who cry "Jacurutu" can have their desert

those who side with the past can live in wastelands

those who cry "Jacurutu" can have their desert

stagnating species bring wealth for the few
our storm is coming, we come for you

all sun makes a desert.

but water is life, our lives we reclaim this planet of desert will one day be green
. on ashes of empires destined to fall the freedom we build is our chance to evolve
Track Name: The Word For World Is, "Forest"
for mass graves of women clad in black robes
for slavery of children stolen from homes
for communes of feminists burned at the stake
your children are pissed our minds are awake

my voice becomes a weapon

send in your armies. stability
the objective reason promotes their dreams
of all life in subservience to their will….
a cross marks the memory of those who rebel

my voice becomes a weapon

the father tongue steals and deceives
grasping for power we stay on our knees
all wild imprisoned, all children and trees
cell blocks of orders spread the disease

the banners of multitudes soon disappear,
their lasguns and chemicals perfected each year
from pulpits of penises they sing their praise
their words enslave but we know their name

demeaning all other voices, white knights witch hunt the galaxy
silver space ships, onward soldiers for the churches misogyny

crosses planted on each planet but our coven shall be free

when our voices become weapons no longer shall their words divide
when their voice is hushed to whispers, the wild forest will arise
Track Name: 10th Dimensional Prescience Of The Oppressed
the inheritance
we leave orphans of the sky
of drudgery
with nothing
but hearts and empty hands

may our names
be words of
power they
scream at the usurpers throne
may our fight
through all points
in the 10th dimension

casas vejas will happen again
(it will happen around yonder star)
because we cannot face the floor
another fleeting moonphase

we will not watch our blood flow into their deathstills
we will not see salvation sent to those who peddle disease
we will not bow to fantasy 
we will not bow to ceremony
(there must be a way)
we will not send doves this time
Track Name: Subterraforming The Eyes Of Heisenberg
cast below flying car cities racing streets of shopping malls
the bloodlines deemed inferior dwell beneath the bottom wall
the cry no gods no masters echoes through all space and time
the hands that we raised, empty, wield the past like a crysknife
the androids speak of a railroad, the end of the line is where air flows free
ride the Cannonball from the jungle hold your breath until Big Rock Candy

drones of clones desire nothing
so say the best, so say the rest

if we must take a backseat to genius
if only you can free us from them
then let their blood be upon you
and you fight until the battle's end

drones of clones desire nothing
so say the best so say the rest

long live the kings in poverty
god save the queens from our hands
Track Name: Eleventy-One / Brother Shevek From Annares
no bosses no wages just a wall around us
no bankers no landlords but none may leave Annares 
no premieres no soldiers but none may leave Annares
no bosses no landlords but revolutions must evolve

and change to reach its full potential

“whoever puts their hands on me is usurper and a tyrant” 
whoever builds cages for me is comrade to the slavers
whoever stands in freedoms way is party to armed factions
“whoever puts their hands on me is a usurper and a tyrant”

“to make the thieves disgorge their booty
to free the spirit from its cell
we must ourselves decide our duty
we must decide and do it well”

“away with lord and slave in every future age... 
and as one we all will cry
we will unite
we will survive

“what force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one” 
together we fight as one,
one for all and all for one (we fight as one)
Track Name: Litany For A Pair Of Sunglasses
They live
we sleep
dreaming dreams of conquest
but our thoughts are theirs
Track Name: Spaceships Are Slaveships
There shall come a day like thunder
There shall dawn a red red day
Harkonen blood will quench the desert
So when the slave ships land dive into the fray

Health is in you!

Defenseless planet, their gardens of labor
Assimilating our young to their ranks.
We’ve hidden to long in sietches and shadows
So when space ships land dive into the fray

Health is in you!

Plant the thumper, call the worm
On Shai Hulud ride the storm

Health is in you!

Call the worms
Storm the shield walls
riding the Coriolis

Crysknives unsheathed must drink of blood

Space ships are Slave ships
Dive into the fray